Pre-Sheeted Frozen Pizza Dough


Wholesale Pre-Sheeted Pizza Dough

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Wholesale Pizza Crusts from Giuseppe's Pizza

Giuseppe's pre-sheeted dough is made fresh from scratch with only the finest ingredients, pressed, frozen and delivered to your kitchen. Not only does our pre-sheeted dough eliminate product inconsistency and time-consuming product hassles, it also saves shelf space by eliminating the need to stock quality dough ingredients. And if thin crust is not your goal, simply slack the dough over night for a high-quality pan pizza.

All of Giuseppe's pre-sheeted dough can be frozen for up to six months and isavailable in 7-inch, 9-inch, 12-inch, 16-inch Half-(18-inch x 13-inch) sheets.

For additional product information, storage specifications, product handling directions, or to schedule a demonstration, please contact Frank Catanese at or 440-944-9300.